The Ham

The curing of the hams is done with the care of an artisan process that ensures a great taste of unmistakable aromas. To enjoy the best flavor of our hams are recommended to be cut into very thin slices.

The ham is a protein source of high biological value. You can replace without nutritional problems, the fresh cow, sheep and pig. The proteins contribute to the growth and development of bone and muscleand therefore children, young people, teenagers, athletes and pregnant women are their ideal customers.

The ham from acorn is the richest in oleic acid, and so is healthy to eat the fat. It has no bad cholesterol, regulates cholesterol good and has many minerals and vitamins.

Women of childbearing age have at Ham, a magnificent ally, which works by increasing the intake of iron, B vitamins, and other elements that make the premenstrual syndrome and anemia are less likely.